Alternative Certification of Educators (ACE)

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) requires students to complete 30 hours of classroom observation before beginning student teaching or an internship. There are a number of ways to fulfill this:

  • The required hours of observation in education classes can be counted and the required reflections for the classes can be used for documentation. 
  • Also, the “Fall Experience” for student teachers will count as 16 hours of the required 30 observation hours. 
  • If you have teaching experience, substitute teaching experience, or have been an instructional aide in a school, these hours may be counted; however, the hours must be at your certification level. 
  • It is your responsibility as a student to make arrangements with the school/district(s) for any remaining hours you need. You can observe in public schools, private schools, or charter schools, as long as the schools are TEA or TEPSAC (Texas Private School Accreditation Commission) accredited.  

List of schools: Here is a list of districts (docx) that in the past have been willing to allow observation. If necessary, Certification Officer Rose Zuniga can supply the student with a letter of verification for the school(s) to further explain this program requirement.

Observation form (docx)

Documentation for teaching:  Several forms of documentation can be used including, but not restricted to, a Teacher Service Record or a letter on letterhead from a previous school/district verifying employment, the amount of time employed and grade level taught.

Documentation for substitute teaching and for instructional aides:  Several forms of documentation can be used including, but not restricted to, a letter from a school district verifying employment, the amount of time employed and the grade level of employment.  One day of substituting or working as an aide counts for 1 hour of observation.
Once students have completed the 30 hours and have documented this information on their reflection forms, including appropriate school signatures, they will submit all forms to Dr. Kimberly Reinhardt in the Faculty Center, Office # 251.

Questions? Contact Dr. Carmen Tejeda-Delgado: carmen.tejeda-delgado@tamucc.edu