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ACE: Alternative Certification of Educators

Do you have a bachelor's degree? Have you always wanted a career where you can make a difference?

Through Alternative Certification of Educators (ACE), you can:

  • Take your courses through an award-winning educator preparation program at a respected university.
  • Complete teacher certification courses online in a year or less. Most classes are offered online.
  • Pay about $8,000 total (including tuition, books, materials, and test and certificate fees), and have the potential to earn scholarships to reduce this cost (especially in math and science areas).
  • Apply your certification credits toward a master's degree if you decide to continue your education.

Get started: Steps to alternative certification

Questions? Contact Dr. Kathleen Lynch-Davis at or 361-825-2860

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For issues or complaints about this educator preparation program, contact the Texas Education Agency via their complaint form.

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